The Premium Starter Kit-Helping Hot Messes Everywhere
Yeah I bought the kit. Back in 2014, I remember sitting down at my friend's house, signing up for something I wasn't sure if I'd use and definitely not understanding HOW I was going to use these oils. It took me approximately 2 months to realize, this was possibly the best investment I ever made......ever. 

The 11 oils in this little kit are used daily in our house, on our kids, in my car, at the gym, my work office, bathroom, bedroom, even on my dog. Have they saved me in countless situations?-yup. Am I a better person for being introduced to Young Living products?-a resounding heck yes. My wellness kit was the very beginning of what became a new lifestyle for our family. I had no idea I even needed to change the way we were doing life, but once you learn a bit about plant based products and the toxic crap that we typically have around our home, you tend to smarten up. 

I'm the kind of Mom who wants the very best for her kiddos but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg. I also don't want to have to use the "Think Dirty" app on everything that I buy. I want to know the products that we use like toothpaste and bath gel don't contain toxic chemicals in them but I also don't want to spend countless hours comparing every product on the market.  Mama doesn't have time for that.

Que Young Living. 

They set the standards when it comes to purity and quality. They have a Seed to Seal program (consisting of 3 key pillars-Sourcing, Science & Standards) that is above and beyond what the rest of the essential oil industry does.  To learn more you can check out 

As a Mom, they put my mind at ease. Use that Thieves Cleaner, slather your body in their Lavender Lotion, get dolled up with their Savvy Minerals Makeup, apply their oils topically and be confident in doing all of these things! 

I've got more time to drink wine and less time researching chemicals and that's a win for this hot mess of a mom. 


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