Do Essential Oils "ACTUALLY" Work?

Do Essential Oils "ACTUALLY" Work?
So here's the truth before you begin to read....I'm not an aromatherapist, doctor, or smarty pants for that matter. I'm a 33 year old mom of 2 who used to have a career in the oil and gas recruitment industry.  I've since hung up my" head hunting hat" and you can find me now in sweatpants, shuttling kids in carseats around to play dates and swimming lessons. 

That being said, I have come to learn a thing or two about essential oils in the past 2 and a half years. Do essential oils ACTUALLY work. The answer to that is abso-freakin-lutely. It just depends on the brand. 

 I'll try not to bore you but I'll give you the meat and potatoes as to why these little bottles of magic work. Essential oils are tiny molecules that can easily be absorbed through the pores in our skin. Their unique compositions work with our body's systems which is how they help support our wellness. When you smell an essential oil, those tiny molecules trigger the olfactory organ which sends signals to the limibic system of the brain. The limbic system controls our emotions, hormones, breathing,  blood pressure and much more.  

Do you ever smell a scent and instantly are reminded of a time in your life or a special person? It takes you back to that place and may even lead you to feel a certain way. 

Depending on the quality of your essential oils, you may not get the desired action you're looking for due to the oils quality and purity.  You might be willing to try natural alternatives or create a less toxic home by using essential oils but you want to be sure you're using the best of the best....otherwise, it could all be for nothing right? 

I can tell you as a lover of Young Living oils for over 2 years now, this brand DOES work. I've used other brands in the past but did not get the actions I was looking for-like not even close. 

"But Lisa, Young Living essential oils are more expensive!" I do hear this occasionally, but listen to this-when I have to use 10-15 drops in a diffuser of other brands of essential oils or constantly re-apply them to my skin and get no action, I'm willing to pay a bit more for Young Living when all it takes is 3-4 drops in the diffuser and 1-2 drops on my skin.  The price per drop is actually less.

So yes, essential oils do actually work and no, I will never stop using my YL oils.  See for yourself guys. For the rest of April (and that's only 6 days!), I will give you $15.00 back if you purchase a Premium Stater Kit. Simply sign up as a Member here: and send me an email/message letting me know you want $15.00 buckeroos back. I'm happy to offer this discount because I know you're mind will be blown and you'll have stories to tell me in a few weeks about how the oils "actually" worked for you too. 

Happy oiling and welcome to the Young Living lifestyle,

Lisa Cook

Going Naturally Clean With 1 Simple Kit

Going Naturally Clean With 1 Simple Kit
Believe it or not, many of your day-to-day cleaning duties can be handled with just a few products like the ones included in the new Thieves Premium Starter Kit (PSK). It’s a simple and effective place to begin your efforts to reduce the number of toxic chemicals in your home. Plus, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with having all-natural cleaners that are safe for the whole family to use when tackling household chores.

When searching for more natural alternatives, the key to not getting overwhelmed is in starting small and replacing your core essentials with effective, multi-purpose alternatives.
Believe it or not, many of your day-to-day cleaning duties can be handled with just a few products like the ones included in the new Premium Starter Kit with Thieves (PSK).

Products like the powerful Thieves essential oil blend, Laundry Soap, multipurpose Household Cleaner and many more are included in the kit, giving you everything you need to start seamlessly transitioning your home to natural, non-toxic alternatives that are safe for the whole family.
Plus it includes a Dewdrop Home Diffuser that’s perfect for bringing the cleansing and soothing benefits of essential oils like Thieves into your home.

DIY Makeup Setting Spray!

Get a smooth, dewy, long-lasting makeup look with this essential oil-infused DIY Makeup Setting Spray. With just three ingredients—all of them naturally derived—it can be made at a fraction of the cost of retail brands. This homemade Makeup Setting Spray can also be easily customized to your skin’s needs: add Frankincense essential oil for normal skin, Geranium essential oil or Tea Tree essential oil for oily skin, and Myrrh essential oil for dry skin.

  1. Add to a small spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Hold spray bottle about 12 inches from face and lightly spritz skin 2–3 times.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Love your fresh-all-day look!

I found it!

I found it!
I found it. I found my passion, I found what I was truly meant to do in life. You might be thinking "Lisa Cook, you're full of beans!" People drift through life, day after day and go to a job that they might like or they might hate. And for what? Well obviously the do it to put food in the mouths of their babes, but why subject ourselves to an environment or career that we only sort of like (and many times, hate). Do you love it? Are you truly passionate about what you do? Do you want to do it forever and ever? Is your mind whispering to you, "Nooooooo".
I'm gonna tell ya right now that you're not giving that "other thing" you think you'd really love to do or want to try out a chance because you're scared. But what if I told you I became a home based mom boss very part time. What I love to do and what I'm passionate about will one day be an enormous organization of other like minded people all doing the same thing with me. But baby steps. That's all I ask. Baby steps will get you there, so take your passion and do it on the side. We still have to do what's best for our families and if that means working at your current place of work for another couple years while you build your true empire on the side, then DO IT! What are you waiting for? Take action now because the sooner you do, the faster you get to say "yes" to life and all it throws as you. 

Ring in the New Year with January Promos!

Ring in the New Year with January Promos!
A new year is upon us - the ultimate opportunity to look ahead with great hope and optimism at all you can create in your next 365 days. Make 2017 your year to shine with happiness and joy, and start by restocking your Starter Kit. After all, great things start with small and simple daily choices!
Reach any of the PV minimums in your January order to qualify for free Starter Kit fundamentals. It’s easier than ever to earn free products with our 100 PV Essential Reward (ER) exclusive bonus level! Reach 100 PV in your January ER order and receive a complimentary Citrus Fresh™. Reach 190 PV and enjoy FREE Purification and Northern Lights Black Spruce. Place your order through ER and you’ll also receive a free Copaiba. With 250 PV or 300 PV, you'll benefit from even more amazing free products, such as Purification®, R.C.™ and PanAway®.
 Set the tone for a joyous 2017 with a well-stocked Starter Kit to help you and yours turn those resolutions into reality with oils for everyday wellness. Happy New Year!
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