Swimming Lesson Epiphany

Swimming Lesson Epiphany
At my son's swimming lesson today, I started chatting with a fellow mompreneur. We were both sporting the leggings, messy ponytail, minimal makeup, stay-at-home mom look. She was clearly my people. We connected on the commonality of being passionate about our home businesses. You could tell, just by her voice and the way she looked at you, that this women had passion. Passion for her business, confidence in who she was and happiness with the time freedom her business allowed her. 

We got to chatting about being able to stay home with our children. She said she had many friends who had lost themselves once they became stay at home mothers. So consumed with their children, that they forgot who they were. It happens, I get it. She asked me "did you ever lose yourself?" I did. Very briefly but I did forget for a pinch of time that there was more to life than motherhood.  It's the best thing that every happened to me, don't get me wrong.  I remember saying to my husband that once my daughter was born, I was the absolute happiest I had ever been-and I was a happy person at the best of times but this feeling, was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Pure happiness and bliss. 

But moms out there, don't forget that you're more than a mom. You had friends, favorite places to go, hobbies and passions before kids. Don't lose that. 

My swimming lesson mama said to me that she was so happy she was working on her passion while raising her babies because she was one step ahead of the game when her kiddos would be in school full-time.  By the time that day comes, she'd have a successful home-based business and be saying "yes" to all the things she wanted in life (her kids are young like mine, so she's got a few years to work on this and I'm sure she'll be there). She said, when her kids have moved out, she won't be sitting there thinking "what should I do now?" or "it's time to take up a new hobby I guess!". 

Show your kids how Mommy is enjoying her life and doing what she loves.  Show them there is more to Mom than being "Mom". Teach them to run towards their passions instead of putting them on the back burner. 

If you feel like you have ever lost yourself in mom-hood, that's ok. And perhaps some of you would prefer to just dive right in and are most comfortable in this exact role. It's ok. You can stay here, but only for a short while. You can be Mom but throw a bit of "YOU" into the mix as well. I think you're kids will love her too. 

It's as easy as brushing your teeth!

It's as easy as brushing your teeth!
"Do you use oils?"

This is the question I'm always asking people. I am so passionate about using them myself, I just assume everyone else in the world does or should. Most of the times, people tell me "no" or "sometimes". 

The "sometimes" crowd, this is for YOU. 

I get that, I totally get that because I was a "sometimes" gal as well once upon a time. I "sometimes" would diffuse a nice smelling essential oil in my home. Don't ask me what the brand was because back then, I really didn't care where my bottle of oils came from. I didn't realize the significance of an oil grade. Purity and ethical sourcing were not even in my thoughts. The fact that the oils came from plants that came from farms wasn't even a thought! If you know me now, I've come along way. I've even visited the farms our essential oil company owns. So there's that. 

After I purchased a Young Living Premium Starter Kit at a friend's home who was having an essential oils class, I wasn't "sometimes" using essential oils anymore. It quickly became a everyday, multiple times a day, multiple ways kinda thing. 

My "sometimes" crowd! Where you at!
 Is it because you don't understand how to use oils? Because let me tell ya-it's easy as heck if it's a Young Living oil. Aromatically (diffusing or sniffing the bottle straight up), topicalyl (diluting with a carrier oil-such as coconut oil, and applying to your skin), or for food flavoring!

This winter has been a doozy for many people catching all sorts of nasty colds. I believe that had I been a "sometimes" user of oils, my family may have caught a cold as well. BUT we are a "LIFESTYLE" type of user now and use oils for preventative measures and to be on our A-Game. 

Using oils is like brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth twice a day (sometimes more) to prevent cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, etc. Well, the same goes for using your essential oils!  It's a natural option to help support everyday ailments. 
Guys, it's super easy. Just put the oils on topically or diffuse every single day, multiple times a day-again,  like brushing your teeth! 

You keep your toothbrush and toothpaste by your sink and each morning, you go through the same motions. Do you have a medicine cabinet or shelf in your bathroom? Put your oils there so you remember to use them daily! Have a couple by your bedside table, in the kitchen, gym bag, purse and office. 

Are the "sometimes" crowd ready to be "Lifestyle" people now? If you are, join us here: www.mauibabeshangout.com

The Premium Starter Kit-Helping Hot Messes Everywhere

The Premium Starter Kit-Helping Hot Messes Everywhere
Yeah I bought the kit. Back in 2014, I remember sitting down at my friend's house, signing up for something I wasn't sure if I'd use and definitely not understanding HOW I was going to use these oils. It took me approximately 2 months to realize, this was possibly the best investment I ever made......ever. 

The 11 oils in this little kit are used daily in our house, on our kids, in my car, at the gym, my work office, bathroom, bedroom, even on my dog. Have they saved me in countless situations?-yup. Am I a better person for being introduced to Young Living products?-a resounding heck yes. My wellness kit was the very beginning of what became a new lifestyle for our family. I had no idea I even needed to change the way we were doing life, but once you learn a bit about plant based products and the toxic crap that we typically have around our home, you tend to smarten up. 

I'm the kind of Mom who wants the very best for her kiddos but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg. I also don't want to have to use the "Think Dirty" app on everything that I buy. I want to know the products that we use like toothpaste and bath gel don't contain toxic chemicals in them but I also don't want to spend countless hours comparing every product on the market.  Mama doesn't have time for that.

Que Young Living. 

They set the standards when it comes to purity and quality. They have a Seed to Seal program (consisting of 3 key pillars-Sourcing, Science & Standards) that is above and beyond what the rest of the essential oil industry does.  To learn more you can check out www.seedtoseal.com 

As a Mom, they put my mind at ease. Use that Thieves Cleaner, slather your body in their Lavender Lotion, get dolled up with their Savvy Minerals Makeup, apply their oils topically and be confident in doing all of these things! 

I've got more time to drink wine and less time researching chemicals and that's a win for this hot mess of a mom. 

Slowly switching to non-toxic products is my goal

Slowly switching to non-toxic products is my goal
It's been a journey, but slowly each month, I push more and more chemicals out of our home and life. This is a total win for our family! 
One of the easiest switches is dryer sheets. 

I was volunteering at my daughter's school today and many of the kid's clothes were drenched in the fragrance of dryer sheets and detergents. As they were reading to me, I was overtaken by the scent of these little human's clothes. I only had to be near them for 2 minutes or so but unfortunately, the kids have to walk around all day covered in toxic chemicals. 

If you are using dryer sheets or most brand name detergents, your kiddos don't see any relief from the toxic ingredients in these products. All day, everyday, their little body's are covered with hormone disrupting, carcinogenic products and their pores suck allllllll those poisons into their bloodstream. Kind of sounds like a nightmare when you put it that way hey?  Well, the truth is, it is; and these products can harm your health in many ways. If there was an option that prevented toxins from leaching into your child's body, wouldn't you want to make that change? 

Young Living can help you and your family make these little changes so that eventually, you can live a toxin free life. Start with your dryer sheets. Ditch those bad boys for wool dryer balls and add a few drops of Young Living essential oil like Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Joy or Lavender on them. Switch out your cleaners and laundry detergent for a plant based product like Thieves Cleaner and Thieves Laundry Soap. Small changes have a huge impact and we can help you help your family. 

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.

Here's to your wellness, purpose and abundance.

Do Essential Oils "ACTUALLY" Work?

Do Essential Oils "ACTUALLY" Work?
So here's the truth before you begin to read....I'm not an aromatherapist, doctor, or smarty pants for that matter. I'm a 33 year old mom of 2 who used to have a career in the oil and gas recruitment industry.  I've since hung up my" head hunting hat" and you can find me now in sweatpants, shuttling kids in carseats around to play dates and swimming lessons. 

That being said, I have come to learn a thing or two about essential oils in the past 2 and a half years. Do essential oils ACTUALLY work. The answer to that is abso-freakin-lutely. It just depends on the brand. 

 I'll try not to bore you but I'll give you the meat and potatoes as to why these little bottles of magic work. Essential oils are tiny molecules that can easily be absorbed through the pores in our skin. Their unique compositions work with our body's systems which is how they help support our wellness. When you smell an essential oil, those tiny molecules trigger the olfactory organ which sends signals to the limibic system of the brain. The limbic system controls our emotions, hormones, breathing,  blood pressure and much more.  

Do you ever smell a scent and instantly are reminded of a time in your life or a special person? It takes you back to that place and may even lead you to feel a certain way. 

Depending on the quality of your essential oils, you may not get the desired action you're looking for due to the oils quality and purity.  You might be willing to try natural alternatives or create a less toxic home by using essential oils but you want to be sure you're using the best of the best....otherwise, it could all be for nothing right? 

I can tell you as a lover of Young Living oils for over 2 years now, this brand DOES work. I've used other brands in the past but did not get the actions I was looking for-like not even close. 

"But Lisa, Young Living essential oils are more expensive!" I do hear this occasionally, but listen to this-when I have to use 10-15 drops in a diffuser of other brands of essential oils or constantly re-apply them to my skin and get no action, I'm willing to pay a bit more for Young Living when all it takes is 3-4 drops in the diffuser and 1-2 drops on my skin.  The price per drop is actually less.

So yes, essential oils do actually work and no, I will never stop using my YL oils.  See for yourself guys. For the rest of April (and that's only 6 days!), I will give you $15.00 back if you purchase a Premium Stater Kit. Simply sign up as a Member here: www.getoiling.com/lisa and send me an email/message letting me know you want $15.00 buckeroos back. I'm happy to offer this discount because I know you're mind will be blown and you'll have stories to tell me in a few weeks about how the oils "actually" worked for you too. 

Happy oiling and welcome to the Young Living lifestyle,

Lisa Cook

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