Bring the Freshness of Spring into Your Home with 3 Diffuser Blends You Can Try This Week!

Bring the Freshness of Spring into Your Home with 3 Diffuser Blends You Can Try This Week!

Happy April, 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the air has that fresh scent of spring! What if you could bring that scent indoors to not only freshen your home but also improve your health at the same time?

I love diffusing scents like Lavender, Geranium, and Bergamot this time of year. Not only does it clean the air in my home after a long winter, but it also supports my mood and emotions, creating a positive, uplifting atmosphere!

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to bring the outdoors in and allows you to remove harmful candles and air fresheners from your home. Essential oils not only make your space smell amazing, but they have added health benefits as well!
When you diffuse or inhale essential oils, they go directly to the emotional center of your brain, making them perfect for shifting your mood. Use your oils to feel happy, calm, inspired, and refreshed and create an aroma to perfectly match the scent of the season!
Here are some recipes perfect for spring :

Fresh & Clean
4 drops Citrus Fresh
3 drops Lemon

Relax & Refreshed
4 drops Stress Away
2 drops Lemon

Breath of Fresh Air
4 drops Raven
2 drops Peppermint

Young Living will help you clean out your toxic cleaning products as well this month with their spectacular promotional items. I definitely took advantage when I picked up my order yesterday. #allthefreebies

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Use This, Not That!

Use This, Not That!

Use This, Not That!

 I want to focus on just how easy it can be to take those Small Steps that will equal BIG Changes!!  It really can be as simple as Use This, Not That! The thing I gotta emphasize, is that you're not spending more money with Young Living. You're simply choosing a few products that you want to ditch in your home and replace with plant based, toxin free ones. Young Living does not equal more $. It equals small steps to a better lifestyle.
Have you ever heard of Bioaccumulation??  Here is a quick little science lesson, if you will.  Bioaccumulation is “when a harmful substance gets absorbed by an organism (your body) at a higher rate than it can be excreted.”  When we are constantly exposing our bodies to the harmful chemicals found in our everyday products, they are accumulating at a faster rate than our bodies can get rid of them. We can oftentimes be exposed to up to 300 different chemicals a day, and most of us don’t even realize it! How can your body thrive when it is exposed to so many toxins? #ITCAN'T
Consider making the switch! Start slow . . . identify those products you use most often and use the Young Living product instead that is infused with essential oils and is actually working with your body to support your overall health and wellness! Here are some switches you may want to make first:
  • Household cleaners ~ Thieves Household Cleaner 
  • Toothpaste ~ Thieves Aromabright, Dentarome, or Dentarome Ultra 
  • Makeup ~ Savvy Minerals Makeup
  • Shampoo/Conditioner ~  Lavender Mint or Copaiba Vanilla
  • Candles~Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils

Here we go-It's 2019, look busy!

Here we go-It's 2019, look busy!

Happy New Year! 

Whether you are cuddling up under a comfy blanket with tea on a cold winter day or enjoying the sunshine during this season, we all have one thing in common: WE ARE LIVING IN THE YEAR 2019! The weather may be different but it is a new year for everyone, and that means a chance for NEW BEGINNINGS. 
You don't have to be a New Year's resolution type of person to decide this year is YOUR year to take back your health. Join thousands of us as we dedicate 2019 to a healthy "lifestyle"  using Young Living products. Make it YOUR mission to use one of your Young Living Products EVERY SINGLE DAY and to try one new product every month this year to see how your life and health transform. Baby steps. We aren't asking for massive changes. Just little teeny steps each month.
Are you ready to focus on full body wellness in 2019? If so, I am going to make it really easy for you to get started on a sustainable path.   We had an excellent and informative free online class in our community lifestyle page just the other day. If you're not yet a Young Living member, I'm happy to add you to our page so you can follow along in our "New Year to Wellness" Class. In the next few weeks, we'll be sharing info on supplements for your body as well as a spicy romance class in the month of February!
Our "Essential Oil-The Right Lifestyle" page offers product education, recipes and tips for using hundreds of Young Living's toxin-free, plant-based products so come over and join us! Become a member with our team and we'll provide you everything you need to enjoy this new wellness journey you've discovered.

Fall Into Wellness

Fall Into Wellness

As soon as I saw our first leaf fall, I ran to the cabinet to get my favorite fall combo for the diffuser. Adding it to the diffuser sent me into a deep fall trance. It's one of my favorite seasons.  This was not me 4 years ago. We didn't even have a diffuser and were not using Young Living to better our health. But a friend shared with me. She shared what Young Living was all about and I'll forever be grateful that she did. 

Wellness is within your hands! Get your wellness routine down pat so you can stay healthy this fall! 
Here is what I am doing and what I recommend for you. 
  • Thieves diluted along your spine and throat
  • RC, Raven, or Eucalyptus on your chest (ALL THE TIME)
  • A drop of Raven or Lavender in a bowl of gently steaming water, breathing it in with a towel over my head. Refreshing for the respiratory system and the skin!
  • Frankincense anywhere and everywhere (especially at night on my face before I moisturize)
  • Hot honey tea with, 1 drop of Lemon+ (from our food flavoring line)
  • Peppermint and Copaiba when required on my temples or neck
  • Life 9 Probiotic --a MUST for everyone #GutHealthEqualsImmuneHealth
  • Thieves or Immupower rolled onto your feet at night

This month, I want to encourage you to share your oils with ONE person. Aren't you glad your enroller shared with you?
If we all reach ONE person, we will help so many more people who are struggling to find wellness, purpose, and abundance. 
How to share your oils with others. 
Use your oils in front of your friends or family.
Share a sample with a friend in need.
Tell your mama, sister, brother, kids, cousin, or neighbor that they NEED their own kit!
Listen to what people are telling you they need. Use your reference materials to find some suggestions about what they can use. Show them the value of the Premium Starter Kit. Give them your very own member number so they can order their own PSK.
When you help a friend get a PSK, you will get a $64 "Thank you" check* for spreading the love. This is a great way to help others and get some extra holiday money. 
The Young Living business opportunity has blessed many families, even families on this very team. They are receiving monthly paychecks that cover their YL products, groceries, car payments, and even mortgages. I didn't think I would ever do this business and it has not only been a blessing for me but it has also changed the lives of those I have shared my oils with and helped order their very own Premium Starter Kit. 
I want to make sure you have seen the NEW 2018 Income disclosure statement. Here is a snapshot. Yes, those are MONTHLY incomes. 
Find the full Income Disclosure statement HERE.  
 If you need help finding your member number, I can help. 
*You must spend 50PV during the same calendar month that your new member orders the PSK in order to receive your $64. 

Swimming Lesson Epiphany

Swimming Lesson Epiphany
At my son's swimming lesson today, I started chatting with a fellow mompreneur. We were both sporting the leggings, messy ponytail, minimal makeup, stay-at-home mom look. She was clearly my people. We connected on the commonality of being passionate about our home businesses. You could tell, just by her voice and the way she looked at you, that this women had passion. Passion for her business, confidence in who she was and happiness with the time freedom her business allowed her. 

We got to chatting about being able to stay home with our children. She said she had many friends who had lost themselves once they became stay at home mothers. So consumed with their children, that they forgot who they were. It happens, I get it. She asked me "did you ever lose yourself?" I did. Very briefly but I did forget for a pinch of time that there was more to life than motherhood.  It's the best thing that every happened to me, don't get me wrong.  I remember saying to my husband that once my daughter was born, I was the absolute happiest I had ever been-and I was a happy person at the best of times but this feeling, was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Pure happiness and bliss. 

But moms out there, don't forget that you're more than a mom. You had friends, favorite places to go, hobbies and passions before kids. Don't lose that. 

My swimming lesson mama said to me that she was so happy she was working on her passion while raising her babies because she was one step ahead of the game when her kiddos would be in school full-time.  By the time that day comes, she'd have a successful home-based business and be saying "yes" to all the things she wanted in life (her kids are young like mine, so she's got a few years to work on this and I'm sure she'll be there). She said, when her kids have moved out, she won't be sitting there thinking "what should I do now?" or "it's time to take up a new hobby I guess!". 

Show your kids how Mommy is enjoying her life and doing what she loves.  Show them there is more to Mom than being "Mom". Teach them to run towards their passions instead of putting them on the back burner. 

If you feel like you have ever lost yourself in mom-hood, that's ok. And perhaps some of you would prefer to just dive right in and are most comfortable in this exact role. It's ok. You can stay here, but only for a short while. You can be Mom but throw a bit of "YOU" into the mix as well. I think you're kids will love her too. 
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