My Toxin Free Hot Tub

Our hot tub has never had chlorine or bromine in it.
We've never used harsh chemicals to shock the water.
It's the most wonderful tub experience really! Your skin is never chapped, your suits never get worn or smell of chlorine and the tub smells dreamy when you're in it if you add oils like we do (imagine soaking in a relaxing tub with Northern Lights Black Spruce filling the feel me right?). 

Depending on your water source and tub volume, you may have to adjust accordingly and this is just what we do. Nobody message me saying I wrecked their hot tub! We've had our hot tub for 3 years and this is what we do personally to keep it toxin free. It works for us and we freak'n love it.
If you're currently still using chemicals in your tub and don't want to go straight hippie, add 8 drops of Young Living's Geranium essential oil and let it circulate for 15 mins. Geranium seems to digest the chemicals yet keeps the pH balanced (test the chemicals before and after and you'll see what I mean! The chlorine indicator on the strip turns white as if they've disappeared. Thank you Geranium oil!).

If you're ready to go full hippie....

1. Soak your filters in 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner and 10 drops of Thieves essential oil. Add water so they are fully submerged (we use our bathtub). Soak for at least 3 hours (we leave them in overnight typically).
2. Clean your empty hot tub using Thieves Household Cleaner. I spray the entire tub down or get a bucket of water with Thieves Cleaner in it.
3. Fill your hot tub and balance the pH with a pH neutralizer of your choice
4. Add 2 cups of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (ours is 28%) as an oxidizer (we use hydrogen peroxide every 2-3 weeks for regular maintenance and change the filters as well).
5. Add 25 drops of Geranium, 10 of Purification & Thieves to the new water

Crosby will check our hydrogen peroxide levels with litmus strips occasionally and maintain about 5 ppm.
We change our hot tub water 3 times a year and Crosby will use a line flush product before we change the water. The line flush, runs through the pipes to give them a good deep clean. This cleaning agent does contain chemicals so we  are never in the tub with this additive and it is cleaned out before new water is put in.

Each time we go in the hot tub, someone in the family picks an oil to add for aromatherapy. We love this part! We add 4 drops per person. Some of my family's favorite oils to add to our hot tub water are:
Ylang Ylang
 Northern Lights Black Spruce
Stress Away
-Each time we get out of the hot tub, we add 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner

- oils that have a dark color (like Valor or Peace and Calming) should probably be avoided. They turn the water green and may stain your tub)
-oils that are considered "hot" should also be avoided or you'll have some spicy feeling skin (ex. Wintergreen, Clove, Panaway, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, etc).
-oils that are photo-sensitive should also be avoided as you may feel a burning sensation to the skin and they eat petrochemicals which may harm your tub (orange, lemon, grapefruit...any citrus oil really)

1. Thieves Household Cleaner- There are 2 sizes of Cleaner (14.4 oz and 64 oz). If you plan on going toxin free in your home as well as your hot tub, get the 64 oz big guy. Share with your pals, make all the things (see recipes below).

2. Oils for Hot Tub Maintenance- Geranium, Thieves, Purification
3. Oils for Aromatherapy-you pick! But seriously get Northern Lights Black Spruce

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The Lemondae Diet/Master Cleanse and my Young Living Oils That Are Literally Keeping Me Going

The Lemondae Diet/Master Cleanse and my Young Living Oils That Are Literally Keeping Me Going

Ahhh, yes, the dreaded "Lemonade Diet". That's what I thought for years. Why would you NOT eat for up to 10 days (many go longer than 10 days). HOW do you physically NOT eat for that long and why in your ever loving mind would one do such a thing? 

My thoughts exactly....until August 18, 2019.

On August 18th of that year, I sat at a table with new Young Living friends who were on the same retreat as I was for obtaining the rank of Gold with Young Living (shout out to all you Gold leaders rocking your businesses!!!!). The Master Cleanse came up as my new friend Kelly had completed it just a few months before. She had everyone's attention at the table, including mine. She told us how this cleanse lead to a complete mind shift for her. She let go of emotional road blocks, an unhealthy relationship with food,  and realized her addiction to coffee was unhealthy for her body.  She told me she was so angry at the control that caffeine had over her body during the Master Cleanse,  she vowed never to drink it again after the withdraw she went through on her cleanse. Kelly said it was freeing. The cleanse changed her life. She also said "and Lisa, don't forget.... we have essential oils to support us!".

She said that the cleanse is more taxing on your mind than your body. Constantly thinking about eating or getting in your own head about whether you can complete this or not. We have oils to support our emotions and help release feelings of worry or anger. We have oils to help calm and ground us when we feel overwhelmed. And you need a lot of rest on this cleanse so we have oils to help support a good night's sleep as well!

So why consider the Master Cleanse?
Here's why I continue to do it at least once a year:
~I indulge in drinking and eating (throughout the year but more in the summer)
~I need to eliminate toxins, my body just feels blah sometimes
~I need to cleanse my digestive tract and reboot my digestive system
~I want to purify my glands and cells
~I want to feel good
~I want to shed a bit of weight

I had read "Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils" by Dr. Leanne Dearduff and Dr. David Deardeuff for a Toxin Free Living class I had with a few of my Young Living friends last year. I spoke on liver cleansing and different supplements to support this process. It was fascinating. In this book where I learned of liver cleansing, was a chapter on cleansing the digestive tract. They talked about "The Master Cleanse".  It's a total body cleanse and helps pull toxins from not only the liver but other organs, joints, skin, lymph, muscles and flushes out mucus. Stanley Burroughs created this cleanse and believed one should not take any supplements on the cleanse. Now, this was before essential oils were made readily available to people and many people have since found that certain Young Living products can support you during this cleanse. 

My oils have been my security blanket each time I do this cleanse. I'm actually very surprised at the lack of hunger pains I have. Smelling food doesn't even bother me. I actually really enjoy drinking the "Lemondae" for the cleanse. The Salt Water Flush in the morning is freak'n crazy but super satisfying to me!  

So if you've ever considered a cleanse; do your research, join my accountability group for your cleanse and get some oils ya'll.  
What you'll need to do a Master Cleanse:

Grab the book "The Complete Master Cleanse" by Tom Woloshyn

Get in my Cleanse + Glow Facebook group for guidance and tips (Place an order for the 3 items with the * below to get in our group) Cleans + Glow  

Young Living products I use during a Master Cleanse
(You'll definitely want ICP, Comforcleanse and one oil-you choose!) order your items
Valor (all the Valor)
Believe (because yes I can do this)
White Angelica (to help calm my thoughts)
Clove (for aches and pains)
Panaway (to rub on my muscles)
Celebration (It's a celebration bitches! Every day, I put a drop of Celebration on my crown head)
Ocotea (I love diffusing this if I get any food cravings or just want to smell something sweet becasue I can't eat)No photo description available.
Rutavala (When you need to sleep, you need Rutavala)
Release (I apply Release over my liver to release emotions)
+Lemon+ (I add 2 drops of Lemon in my Salt Water Flush in the mornings)
Peppermint+ ( I have a cup of Peppermint tea before bed-warm water and 2 drops Peppermint )
*ICP (I take 2 tsp of ICP along with 2 capsules of Comforcleanse before bed as a natural laxative)
*ComforCleanse (these capsules help pull toxins away from the walls of my digestive tract. They contain bentonite which I love)
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